Here’s why Jazz music is still relevant

Music is an element that connects the soul, the mind, and the body. Listening to a genre of music you love can have that positive effect on you. Jazz music has always been described as fuzzy and vague to a lot of people.

Today’s, the discussion will take us down the lane of jazz, its history, the current state of this genre, and why people love jazz.

Jazz music performance

About Jazz

Jazz music is popularly called an American type of music. What many people do not understand is that it has lots of African styles and elements to it. It came to light around 1902, having its roots from traditional African-American cultures which include folk music and blues. Its features are linked to rhythm patterns, harmonic music, and a lot of spiritual improvisations.

Jazz has also developed a plethora of unique styles which include Dixieland style which is a substitute for the New Orleans type of jazz. It is popularly believed that this is the oldest form of jazz and it is performed by using trombones, clarinet, and trumpets. Another style of jazz is the swing jazz, this came up around the 1940s when the jazz music lovers then added some elements. This jazz is played by a larger group of musicians.

Moving forward, around the 80s and 90s then came the Bebop or sometimes called bop jazz. This is a very fast, deep, and intense version of jazz music that was played around Europe and the United States. Other recent versions of jazz include the free forms jazz and cool jazz.

Fact worth mentioning : Jazz is often times played as background music in casinos or classy events for example, as it creates unique ambiances.

Popular jazz artists include John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charles Parker, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, and Bill Evans.

Current Status of Jazz

The current status of jazz is more of a passive or moribund nature as it seems people have lost interest in this genre of music. It is the least listened to songs in Europe and the US according to a recent study of classical music in Texas. The reasons for its passive status include:

  • Evolution of different types of music: Since the early 80s, there has been the introduction of several kinds of music that appeals more to the populace like pop, rock, and hip hop.
  • Less formal music education: Unlike most music that can be learned anywhere, some form of formal education is needed to learn this music.
  • Youths indifference: Another crucial point affecting the current status of jazz is the apparent indifference shown by the youths who are the driving force of all music.

But don’t kid yourself : there are still many active Jazz bands, and thanks to the internet the genre is gaining a new following.

Jazz music today

Why do People like Jazz?

Despite the seeming passive state of jazz music, it is still being loved by many music followers. This is due to many facts:

  • It stimulates the mind: Jazz effects on the mind are beautiful, it takes you to places you have never been. Even when you are sad and listen to good jazz music, your mood changes positively.
  • It helps creativity: Listening to good jazz music helps you to be innovative and creative in your dealings. If you are stuck in a project, a way usually opens up.
  • It supports musicians’ harmony: No matter your style of music, there is always a place for you in a jazz band.

Jazz music is a classical genre of music that has come a long way. Although its current status may be docile, it can never die.